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Golden Eagle Hay

Isaiah 40:31

but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.


Business Summary

Golden Eagle Hay Company is a grower, broker and exporter of hay and straw. We are located in Imperial Valley, Calipatria, California. Our valley is famous for non-gmo alfalfa, premium quality sudan and Bermuda hay. Hay is available almost all year due to our stable supply of water and sunshine. We are considered the source for the most consistent feed available in the United States of America.

Our company currently supplies 100,000 tons of hay to domestic and export markets every year. The products we offer are used for animal feed or bedding. We understand all customers have different needs. We would like to work with you to learn about your feed practices. We offer different qualities of hay and will meet your target price.

The Story

The original owner R. W. Dockstader started exporting alfalfa pellets to Japan in 1963. Then many years later in 1980 he exported baled alfalfa. R.W. Dockstader is a pioneer in the hay export market. Through R.W. Dockstader's hard work and personal sacrifices he opened the door to many other export companies that exist today.

About 1987 R.W. Dockstader's two out of three sons moved to Imperial Valley from Washington to lend their father a hand in the hay business. After working many years starting from the bottom working his way to the top for his father; Pat Dockstader purchased Golden Eagle Hay from his father. The other brother Dwayne Dockstader purchased hay hauling equipment to provide services to Golden Eagle Hay. Between the two brothers businesses they have single handily made the small town of Calipatria the "Hay Mecca" it is today.

The Future

Golden Eagle has had the opportunity to diversify and gain market strength through upward integration. Most of our supplies are purchased on the open market. However to further support the hay business, Golden Eagle Hay has started farming to grow our own supply of feed. This has helped us secure a supply of premium quality hay for extremely important customers. The farming subsidiary of our company is P&T Enterprises. P&T Enterprises farms almost *4000 acres of sudan, Bermuda and alfalfa hay. We have also started growing organic citrus and dates. (*Acreage varies depending on crop rotation).

Give us an opportunity to earn your trust and start a long term relationship with you. Give us the opportunity to provide safe and consistent quality feed. Try Golden Eagle Hay Company, "WHERE WE FOCUS ON THE DETAILS AND ARE COMMITED TO QUALITY."